We are passionate about providing insight that makes a genuine difference to your business.  To this end we have five guiding principles that shape every aspect of our work:

We want your projects to be a success so we will be completely honest with you about what you can and can’t achieve. If we believe there’s a better way of doing a project we will say so.

We also understand budgets are becoming increasingly tight and research is stretched across the growing number of methodologies available. We take a pragmatic approach and only use the latest tools when they are fit for purpose AND add genuine value, rather than window dressing to win a proposal.

Thoroughness underpins everything we do. It’s borne out of the belief that research is not just about asking questions and reporting what was said. We think it’s far more than that.  From having a meaningful conversation with consumers to presenting insight in a way that engages your stakeholders, we take time to think about every stage of the project. We are not the type of agency that writes debriefs in taxis after the fieldwork.

Our preferred mode of working is a collaborative one. We are experts in insight but not in your business although we hope to understand your commercial issues as thoroughly as we can. We believe the greater the collaboration the better the outcome.

We build a clear narrative for debriefs using succinct wording, diagrams and visuals too when they make sense. That means we consistently land our message with insight teams as well as key stakeholders who may not have a strong research background. At least that is what our clients keep telling us.

We don’t just work in the theoretical world of what the customer wants but are highly experienced in translating ethereal customer need into practical business outputs. In every single debrief we provide practical and doable outputs grounded in that crossover between customer wants and business realities.