Service Level Agreement


When you contact us
We promise to deal with your call or email within 24 hours. If we are unable to deliver to that timescale we will let know when we can.

When you ask us to pitch for a project
We guarantee that we will propose the best methodology for the project that delivers the optimal quality in the most cost effective way. And importantly gets you the results you need.

We don’t propose unnecessary add-ons and will only suggest approaches where the spend is absolutely justified.

If you have any queries on our proposal we will respond to you within 48 hours.

We only work with experienced team members with at least 15 years’ experience.  That way you are buying into a senior team where there are no passengers.

When we work abroad we use local partner agencies that we know and trust to deliver the best job possible. We are not tied to any companies and can work with your choice of agency if applicable.


When you commission a project with us
We will give you a clear timeline for every element of the project, including when you can expect project documentation from us and when we need your approval of it.

We will re-check all fieldwork dates in advance of booking out the project to ensure this fits with the needs of your business and team.

We guarantee to keep you updated on project progress on a weekly basis or more frequently if appropriate. This can be by your preferred mode of communication, be it email, phone or a face-to-face meeting.

If at any time issues emerge out of our control that may impact on the project or deliverables, we promise to inform you immediately and make every effort to resolve them in good time.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the project throughout its duration, the project lead or Director level will deal with this immediately.  Director Lindsey Annable is always happy to take any queries on 00 44 7971 797 568.


When we prepare and deliver the debrief
We will always offer the chance for you to have a preview of the main debrief prior to sharing with the broader team.

We do not do reportage but deliver clear and insightful findings that are focused on your research and commercial objectives.  We use succinct wording and diagrams to convey our points.  We advocate the use of visuals when they have intellectual and engagement value but don’t support gratuitous use of images that merely create cumbersome file sizes.

We will make any builds or amends to the presentation deck that take into account your questions or audience response within 48 hours of the main debrief.