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Ten trends for ten years of insight

1. Is an insight really an insight? Years ago insights were heralded as the new dawn of research. An insight was borne out of a series of connections made from data and interpretation. Of late the CRM industry is now adopting the term. The term ‘insight’ is popping up across sales and CRM platforms. We […]

From hero to zero in one fated CRM email

Money-off tools can create great brand value for any customer contact strategy. But they are only as good as the intelligence used to develop and implement them. Take this example from a leading supermarket delivery company. Yes the money off voucher is for just 1p! Find out the backstory here and critically the customer consequences. […]

How new technologies are challenging the insight industry and the new considerations for their implementation

The juggernaut of new technologies for the market research industry marches on.  We are now on the cusp of new AR and VR technologies starting to be part of project practise.  They offer new ways of testing that were previously unimaginable. But are they worth getting excited about and how relevant are they really for […]

How serious is the threat to marketing and insight if social media companies remain unregulated?

The world of social media is facing upheavals following fake news allegations and illegal sharing of data.  Currently social media companies largely self-regulate, which could lead to critical consequences around loss of trust for insight and marketing functions. Find out what the House of Commons Debating Group concluded at their recent debate: “Social Media can’t […]

Chatbots: Insight opportunity or just another gimmick?

A study comparing human–human interactions to human–chatbot interactions, found that the latter typically last longer than human–human interactions between strangers.   They also involve shorter messages, less complicated vocabulary, and even more profanity! 1 There is emerging thinking that chatbots can be harnessed by the research industry.  They present an opportunity for quick on the spot […]

Maximising the value of research spend

In today’s insight world, there are increasing pressures on budget. Projects from different departments encroach on insight spend and stakeholders demand answers quickly and at low cost. Here we look at how to maximise the value of insight spend without losing the quality of work and importantly enhancing its impact within the business.